Welcome to Riverside High School. We know you will enjoy your journey

Our missions is to send young men and women into the world who are equipped spiritually and physically to lead fulfilled lives and to make meaningful contributions to society.

We want to help people to feel good about themselves, and to be able to meet the challenges of their chosen spheres.

We will create an environment where enthusiasm for and enjoyment of the learning process is contagious, leading to full participation. We will accept individually and cater for the resulting diversity of needs and abilities and will be open and honest in our communications.

At Riverside High we encourage creativity and innovation and do our best when in competition with others, to win with grace and lose with dignity.

We will strive to fister mutually enriching relationships and accepth that we are responsible for our own growth and development.

We undertake to uphold the good name of the school and recongnize our ultimate responsibility to, and reliance upon God.

Our vision for RHS is to be the center of excellence of choice fo the Vaal.

This Vereeniging based English Medium High School has become the building grounds of Highly Motivated and Aspiring Young Adults over the past 30 years.

Our Staff, Educators and Learners can tell you that few Institutions offer a reason for a buzz like this very pro-active High School on the Southern borders of Gauteng

"And suddenly you know... It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings."